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  • Battery Care

    How do I know if my battery is dead or on its way out?

    The common signs of a dying battery include:

    • Your engine is not starting or takes a few attempts to get it started.
    • You jump started your car in the few days/weeks and since the initial jump start, you have done another jump start.
    • If your battery is old.
    • Your electronics, such as your dashboard, electric windows are all looking dim or slower than usual.

    Advise: Whenever you experience any of these top signs, feel free to come to Eastern Batteries for a free battery check. We will not sell you a battery if you do not need one.

    What is the difference between our batteries and other batteries?

    It does not matter whether your are looking for a battery for your Holden, Ford or even an Audi; Super Charge batteries continue to prove themselves as the market leaders in vehicle battery manufacturing. After 30 years of operation in Australia, Super Charge was the first to introduce 36 months warranty on its gold range batteries, forcing some competitors to follow.

    How can I take better care of my battery?

    • Clean the terminals with a wire brush.
    • Replace terminals if necessary.
    • Keep battery topped up with distilled water (if the battery is not maintenance free)
    • Ask us to carry out our free battery test, where we can test your car battery and also your alternator.
    • Batteries are more prone to fault in extreme temperatures, so keep an eye out on your battery during the coldest months and also the hottest months.

    How do I replace a car battery?

    The following steps are only general in nature and some cars require more complex or additional steps.

    Initial safety checks

    • Remove any metal items from your hands arms (jewelry and watches).
    • Wear safety gear – gloves and eye protection.
    • Ensure that there are no flames or sparks around you.
    • Do not change a battery when you are indoors. If you’re stuck indoors however, e.g. a garage, then make sure that it is well ventilated.

    Simple steps:

    • Disconnect battery hold down (or whatever is securing the battery in place).
    • Disconnect the negative terminal before the positive.
    • Disconnect the battery.
    • Remove the old battery and replace the new battery, ensuring that the positive and negative terminals are facing the same way as the old battery.
    • At the end of the installation ensure the battery is securely fastened.
    • After safety, your next aim should be to leave the car without power (i.e. without the terminals connected) for the shortest time possible.

    When you purchase a battery from us, we also have battery fitting options.

    Will a battery left on a concrete floor discharge the battery?

    No, it does not matter what surface you leave your car battery on.

    If I drive my car around, will that recharge my battery?

    It depends on what sort of trips you are driving. In short, inner city driving with lots of starts and stops is not assisting your battery’s recharge. The best would be ‘highway’ driving, this applies to any car battery whether it’s a Toyota or BMW.

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