From inside the Pilot, Brandon and you will Callie was earliest lead together during the dinner table

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The guy Brandon aided Callie that have navigating thanks to college and also the Foster relatives. Callie uses Brandon’s cell phone to contact her sister, Jude. Callie satisfies Brandon on the sounds area. The guy explains in order to the woman concerning the twins transferring. Shortly after Brandon notices Callie throwing her agenda aside and you can drifting from, he blows his girlfriend, Talya, regarding and you may chases Callie.

As he eventually is at the woman, she informs your you to definitely she’s got to track down the lady brother. Brandon looks conflicted on the whether to ignore classification otherwise go after Callie. He at some point decides to pursue her. On their answer to the woman former foster-father on coach, Callie shows you so you can Brandon as to the reasons she wound-up inside the a teenager delinquency that leads the lady in order to plan on preserving Jude. At the its arrival, they are available with a strategy complete with Brandon in order to disturb the guy if you find yourself Callie will get Jude. Callie encounters the rear doorway when you’re Brandon was talking-to the guy. The person observes Callie and begins yelling at the girl. The person takes out a gun and keeps they within Brandon. He is later safer. About automobile, Brandon and you can Callie are noticed considering each other for good brief minute.

performs your guitar. Callie claims you to definitely this lady mommy coached this lady to play it ahead of she died and you may Brandon rubs their knee in the spirits. When you find yourself walking domestic out of college or university, God introduces Callie. One another Brandon and you can Jesus imagine Callie is actually sexy. Into a garden, Brandon assists Callie together with her drums performance. In the

Callie assumes that was because of the lady to which according to him zero

night, Brandon and you may Callie are in Brandon’s place and make music. Will ultimately, the guy gets a text message from Talya asking when he do come more than. He punches the girl out of once more to stay having Callie resuming and then make songs and you will enjoying for every other people’s organization.

When you look at the Hostile Serves, Callie match with Brandon. She says to him you to she knows that he’s considering moving together with Dog dating sites his dad. She asks your if it is on account of the woman and Jude one to he could be relocating to which he answers zero. Whenever Brandon makes to go from inside the with his dad, Callie provides back his electric guitar. The guy claims one to she provides it.

In the Quinceanera, Mariana asks Callie to settle the girl judge. Callie believes. It is indicated that Callie would need to dancing having Brandon. Callie seems embarrassing that have Brandon and you may Talya therefore she departs. Stef thinks there is something taking place between Brandon and you will Callie and you can alerts your that it’s up against the rules so you’re able to hook up right up. Brandon thinks otherwise stating that there’s nothing taking place. While in the behavior for the Waltz, they show intimates moments. Whenever Callie steps in the fresh new kitchen within her green top, Brandon transforms around and cannot help but look within her. The guy tells the girl you to she appears “nice” while Talya guides in the. Talya threatens Callie. Since they’re planning to perform the entry, Callie changes mate with Sam. For the dad-daughter dance, Brandon requires Callie how it happened. She tells your one to Talya believes Callie keeps thoughts to have Brandon. Brandon investigates Talya inside the disgust.

Adopting the moving, Brandon informs Callie you to definitely this woman is dance having your. Callie attempts apologize to help you Brandon for just what she told you on the Talya but he disregards they. Adopting the moving, Brandon and Callie continue to be dancing collectively. Talya interferes however, Callie leaves. Brandon appears unfortunate when she do therefore. Brandon holds Talya’s hand and you may drags her away. Over time, they argue. They in the course of time breakup. Into the pictures tutorial, Callie asks Brandon throughout the Talya and he says that she leftover. Afterwards, Brandon says to this lady that he dumped Talya. He split

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