Contingency desk comparing the brand new gold standard (rows) against work with 2 of one’s Trait Bagging classifier having i = a hundred (columns)

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Dark-gray muscle emphasize the dilemma involving the qualitative and you can feel categories; medium-grey tissues stress this new overgeneration of polysemous adjectives; light-grey tissues stress the alternative circumstances, that is, the fresh age bracket away from monosemous adjectives that should was indeed tagged due to the fact polysemous.

The following significant way to obtain mistakes is the overgeneration off polysemous adjectives (see average-grey shaded cells): discover 26 adjectives marked since the monosemous by the benefits and you will assigned a polysemous class because of the system. To compare, the opposite circumstances (we.e., marking polysemous adjectives because the monosemous) makes up about thirteen errors only (get a hold of light-gray shady tissue). We second have a look at the two main type of mistakes in more outline.

5.5.step 1 Pinpointing anywhere between Qualitative and you will Experience Adjectives

Derivational systems in the qualitative (Q) and you can knowledge-relevant (E) groups. This new taverns portray the brand new kinds, and also the colors the latest derivational items, as the revealed regarding legend.

Derivational versions from the qualitative (Q) and you can knowledge-relevant (E) categories. New bars represent the latest categories, as well as the color brand new derivational systems, just like the shown on legend.

Indeed, the category shipments may differ into the suffix (look for Table 13): Certain types, such as for instance -otherwise while the participle, inform you an obvious predominance of one’s event category (find dark-grey shady muscle); other designs, eg -ble, -iu, or -nt, be more give in their delivery (discover white-grey shaded cells). Hence, new suffix seems to influence the fresh resulting indication, which includes productive-including suffixes building an even more clear regards to case (creador ‘creating’, exportador ‘exporting’, recomanat ‘recommended’), and several passive-such as for example otherwise stative suffixes becoming prone to starting a great stative meaning (contingent ‘contingent’, formidable ‘solid | terrific’, significatiu ‘significant’). The brand new aspectual family of the newest deriving verb (Vendler 1957) along with takes on a job: For example, whilst concept of numerous (‘abundant’) is comparable to that the fresh verb abundar (‘abound’), they demonstrably has a far more stative (property-like) definition than just a few of the most other enjoy adjectives, because the fresh drawing verb are stative. Correspondingly, plentiful is actually categorized just like the qualitative from the Feature Bagging algorithm. Which variation regarding the morphology–semantics interface is additionally mirrored from the function worth withdrawals, as will be shown next.

Backup dining table really repeated deverbal suffixes (rows) and you will group (columns). Dark-gray tissues stress suffixes one generally do experiences-relevant adjectives, and you can light-gray tissues suggest suffixes that have a very bequeath classification shipping.

Element value shipments across groups qualitative (Q), event-associated (E), and you may relational (R) to possess 9 chose enjoys (pick Point 5.dos on the concept of these features).

Feature really worth shipment across the classes qualitative (Q), event-related (E), and you may relational (R) for 9 selected has actually (look for Section 5.dos with the definition of these features).

The remainder has do not let you know differences between experiences and qualitative adjectives, but rather attributes off relational adjectives

As well as the characteristics that were currently recognized, the contour signifies that relational adjectives are available with greater regularity in the chosen NPs acting as preposition goes with (graphs Elizabeth and you can H). Therefore, an average mingle2 online syntactic framework for an effective relational adjective is preposition + distinct determiner + noun + relational adjective). These adjective as well as looks somewhat more frequently having women direct nouns, which could be due to the fact that, during the Catalan, of several conceptual nouns (fisica ‘physics’, capacitat ‘ability’) is feminine, to own morphological explanations. These nouns are often modified because of the relational adjectives to choose to have subtypes of class of things denoted because of the nouns (McNally and you will Boleda 2004).

Some other difficulties regarding the distributional characterization of experience category are the reality that it’s very heterogeneous, due to the type on morphology–semantics screen mentioned before. This really is tracked into the Figure 4 of the undeniable fact that for some of your own has actually, the package of one’s experience group is larger than the container of one’s other a few classes, meaning that discover a great deal more adaptation for the knowledge group than just in other a few kinds.

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