An unexpected Invitees: This new Torturous Curse away from Adolescence

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Almost five years to their mission, Annie looks at brand new whereabouts of the Founding Titan in just one of new alludes to in the evening and you may finds out Kenny Ackermann. In hopes he will head this lady for the real king of your Structure, Annie chooses to pursue your. Whenever Kenny learns and you will face the lady about it, Annie attempts to cheat your from the informing him one she is their much time-missing daughter. Unsuccessful inside the joking him, Annie episodes Kenny and you will flees on the sewers.

The second evening, Annie takes part in a meeting with Reiner and you will Bertholdt. She says to Reiner one to Kenny may have viewed their face and you to she’s going to struggle to do anything regarding Indoor MPs if he is indeed there. She again suggests returning to Marley in doing what they features gained up until now, but Reiner claims you to Marley may not be pleased with the improvements once 5 years. Reiner decides to wreck Wall Flower to help you accelerate their objective and you will cig the actual Queen on financing while a mess would occur during the Trost Area. Annie notes one his package tend to destroy enough his the family unit members on the 104th Cadet Corps, however mejores sitios de citas asiáticos extranjeros, Reiner replies so you’re able to the woman they are not family and you may are only Eldian devils. [9]


12 months immediately after signing up for the fresh Cadet Corps, Annie participates a team navigation exercise in a group provided by the Thomas Wagner. Region way toward take action, the group observes its ODM equipment got stolen. As a result, it speed up their speed in order to alert the other group. It get the other-group in the midst of a dispute with a group from theft. Annie and you will Mikasa ambush the latest theft out-of a tree, controlling to disarm her or him, and rescue another category. [18]

During the 849, Annie and Armin let Jean when you look at the searching for an untamed boar to help with his cook-of against Sasha. Despite making ahead of time, Jean’s class end up entirely forgotten, and get back empty-given. Afterwards, Jean ways the three of those attempt to deal beef out of an instructor, although not Annie chooses aside, claiming profitable the competition isn’t worth the risk of bringing trapped. [19]

The brand new Strive to own Trost arc

After graduation, the fresh Huge Titan seems for the Trost Region and you will getaways from the exterior gate, allowing Titans into area.

Despite the evacuation becoming done, the new cadets are unable to come back due to insufficient gasoline and you will remain stuck, far in order to every person’s depression. Annie, Reiner and you may Bertholdt explore how to proceed 2nd, however they are interrupted by Mikasa, whom requires her or him in which Eren is actually. She actually is next surprised to listen he, together with the majority of their group, had been supposedly slain in the battle. Trying to keep the girl cool, Mikasa tries to amaze everyone on the step, which have Annie although some racing immediately following her to-arrive new Hq and you will replace their energy. [20] They ultimately manage to arrive, albeit with casualties. [21]

Toward Assault Titan fending from all Titans fighting headquarters, Annie while some you will need to get rid of the quick Titans inside. From inside the plan, Conny and you can Sasha don’t kill the Titans, and Mikasa and you can Annie is actually obligated to intervene and save your self them, which have Annie destroying the newest Titan one Conny is actually supposed to.

Following the plan’s achievement, Annie, Reiner, Bertholdt, Mikasa, Armin, and you will Jean sit back again to take notice of the rampaging Titan. Once the Absolute Titans beginning to cannibalize the fresh Titan, Annie and you may Reiner argue that they should help it, claiming that Titan might be remaining real time as it might act as a strong friend. He is silenced of the sight from Eren emerging on the Titan’s nape, revealing that he is accountable for a Titan element. [21]

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